ANIMNALS BEST FRIEND - Best Amigos - Saving and Sterilising Abandoned Feral Animals in the Thirld world

We are ordinary people, perhaps like you., who suffer when we see how animals are badly treated by some of our fellow humans. It makes us sad. For years we have supported and participated in other people´s animal shelters, animal welfare programs etc., but our work for children takes us to poor countries where things are so bad for the people, abandoned pets are the least of anyone´s worry. In many places there is no organisation, ngo or even Government department with an agenda to humanely care for starving, suffering abandoned animals. That´s why we started doing this work.
You are welcome to join us.
We are animal lovers, veterinarians, housewives and lots of children. Come on.

Effect of global warming on household pets: For every centimeter the ocean rises one million more pets will be abandoned

HOPE .FOR. PREVENTING . THEM . BECOMING .STRAYS - Soon we hope to sterilise in the field without surgery.

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