Our mission is to sterilise as many unattended dogs and cats as we can, as painlessly and quickly as possible. To rescue and care for abandoned pets, to euthanize those who cannot be saved and to seek adoption for those we can. To aid and support research into better, faster and more affordable methods of sterilisation. To educate and agitate for better treatment of pets (and animals in general) in societies where animal abuse is common. To act as animal welfare advocates when necessary. To include humane education in our schools for poor children. To mount campaigns, recruit volunteers and do all possible to improve conditions for animals which are most abused and most in danger.

Effect of global warming on household pets: For every centimeter the ocean rises one million more pets will be abandoned

HOPE .FOR. PREVENTING . THEM . BECOMING .STRAYS - Soon we hope to sterilise in the field without surgery.

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